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Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is the way an organisation expresses its culture, values and aspirations. It is the use of words and images that show what a company stands for.

Our rebranding is a reflection of a new strategic direction. We want to show that we are a modern, multi-faceted group of companies that is evolving to keep pace with our customers’ needs and interests. After more than 40 years with the same brand image, we feel it is time to make a fresh new statement about what we do and who we are.

We have a new logo, which will be used throughout the Group. TDC’s new logo —a blue oval buttressed by turquoise and orange ears— we also have a new tagline, “Together We Succeed”, which symbolises progress towards shared goals.

St Kitts Nevis Insurance Company Ltd (SNIC) will now be known as TDC Insurance Company Limited, and St Kitts Nevis Finance Company Limited (FINCO) will now be known as TDC Financial Services Company Limited.

The new names strengthen the association of the companies with the rest of the TDC Group.

Starting February 1st you will see new signs and stationery. New uniforms and store appearances will be seen within upcoming weeks.

At this time our vision and mission statements remain the same.

Not at all. This is about creating a platform for the TDC Group to show its modernity, accessibility and utility to our customers and to seize new opportunities ahead. We have considered the many ways in which our customers interact with us and we want to show that there is a strong heritage that drives all our operations.

Not all. TDC Insurance Company Limited (formerly SNIC), and TDC Financial Services Company Limited (formerly FINCO) are relocated to West Independence Square Street and The Circus respectively. The website will be changed to www.tdcgroupltd.com, and email addresses will now be @tdcgroupltd.com. All telephone numbers will remain the same.

No we are not.

No you don’t. All information, contracts, policies etc. will be retained.

We impact a range of audiences. For our customers it means a stronger perception of the advantages of dealing with an integrated group of companies with a wide range of products and services, all of which are united under a single visual identity. It also is an exciting new way to express our value to the lives of our customers. It is equally important for our employees to know that this is a signal of solid corporate culture based on a future-oriented and dynamic brand. For our investors this is a common platform under which the entire Group may be mobilized to remain relevant to existing customers, while engaging new customers and markets to achieve long-term, balanced and profitable growth.